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Pre Order Your ‘Same Here’ Reusable Shopping Bag

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As farmers,  we understand the importance of help. 

Whether that's help from our wonderful farm hands, working tirelessly in the field.  Or a fellow farmer, willing to share their time to help us with our harvest.  We know this help can make, or break a season.
We also know whether you work in a field or an office,  asking for help for yourself can be a challenge.  Which is why we decided to create a reusable shopping bag featuring Same Here and the wonderful alliances they've created. As a show of appreciation for the important work they do, $1 dollar from every bag will be donated to them.
As the ingredients needed to manufacture the reusable shopping bags are seasonal39,979 orders need to be processed before production can begin.  This count will be updated to reflect orders processed. 
Price is all-inclusive.

Product Details

  • Made with 0 carbon footprint. Cold press, smokeless stack production. Dyed with plants.
  • 100% plant based. Every ingredient goes from farm to production.
  • 100% biodegradable and compostable.

Shipping & Returns

As this reusable shopping bag is custom-made with plant based ingredients. ALL PRE ORDERS ARE FINAL.

Production will be completed approximately 12 WEEKS after the indicated pre-order amount has been processed.


Width: 24 in

Depth: 36 in

Height: 36 in

Volume: 50 pounds

Care Instructions

  • Washable